full payment of round-trip tickets, accommodation, Georgian cuisine, transfer and excursion
Villas from the developer
at the start of sales.
During construction, modern
technologies and materials are used, which are selected taking into account the peculiarities of the local climate.

We take responsibility
for the quality of repair and construction works (150 years warranty on reinforced concrete structures and walls).
The houses are designed by one
of the best experts in Batumi, with 20 years of experience working in the city's largest projects. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail for your pleasure. A large plot of land with an area of up to 1200 square meters will allow you to enjoy all the goodness of the local flora.

The purchase process in Georgia only takes a few hours. There are no restrictions on the purchase of the real estate by foreign citizens, as well as taxes on the purchase. It is also possible to obtain a residence permit when purchasing.

In Batumi, in comparison with apartments,
there is a small number of premium-class elite residences, which leads to an increase in prices and demand for this segment every year. If desired, the cottage can be profitably leased or sold in the future.

Technologies and quality
Simplicity and convenience of design

The cottages are nestled among
centuries-old eucalyptus trees and Japanese cryptomeria trees, that are over 130 years old. Each cottage offers a wonderful view of the Colchic forest and fields (valleys), which are regularly winnowed by the winds, that is very important in the subtropics.

Unique location
Private oasis of luxury and exquisity in the cherished mountains overlooking the sea
VILLAS EUCALYPTUS are designed for those who appreciate comfort and a secluded lifestyle in harmony with nature. And at the same time they want to have quick access to the infrastructure and the city
and infrastructure
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Construction technologies
Construction works are carried out according to high standards and taking into account the requirements from the state.
The cottages are handed over in so-called "white frame" condition.
In the case of the agreement, everything is handed over in completed so-called “green frame” stage.
+ Gift - 3 design-project options to choose from.

"Green frame"
The video surveillance system and security office ensure your safety.
and uniqueness
Liquidity of suburban real estate
Demand for cottages and villas in Batumi.
Demand significantly exceeds supply, which increases the profitability of such facilities for private investors.
The lands adjacent to Batumi are becoming expensive quite quickly, that is why Villa eucalyptus cottages are located close to the natural park, Batumi city and the developed infrastructure.

Residence permit
There is no real estate tax in Georgia, unlike the EU countries.

Low taxes
Tourism development
When purchasing the real estate worth USD 100,000, you are given the opportunity to obtain the residence permit and all its advantages. When purchasing, the company will assist you in obtaining the residence permit.

According to the data of the National Statistics Service of Georgia, the volume of direct foreign investments in the first quarter of 2022 amounted to 568.2 million US dollars, which is 78% more than the same indicator of the previous year.

In total, in 2022, the income from tourism in Georgia amounts to 2.1 billion US dollars.
Such are the statistics of the National Bank of Georgia.
Tourists and guests of the country are treated very friendly in Georgia. Almost all residents speak Russian and speak English not too badly, so there will be no problems in communication.

Georgia is a country unlike any other country, with the unique culture and customs. Since time immemorial, the Georgian people have preserved and passed on national traditions from generation to generation.
At the mention of Georgia, everyone immediately remembers the famous Georgian hospitality, grand feasts, songs and winemaking.

Georgian cuisine deserves special attention - gastronomic tourism in this region is developing rapidly!
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